Wilmot Company Culture
team success is everyone’s chief aim
team success is everyone’s chief aim

Wilmot Pipelining Culture

Wilmot Pipelining is a proud, family owned and operated company. The motto at Wilmot Is “The habit of doing more than that for which we are paid“. We were raised on old world values. This motto is so important to our company as our clients know from the start of a project that the Wilmot team cares and takes pride in what they do and how they treat and communicate with each and the general public. People know the team will do the extra work.

You get out what you put into life. At Wilmot once an employee buys into the culture and strives to better the company through hard work and dedication, the company looks after that person as a family member. The advantage of working in a dedicated friendly team environment is that people are treated as a person, not a number. With a positive work environment, people continue to grow and become better at what they do and better human beings. This culture of constantly looking to improve and doing what we do with passion, drives staff members to achieve great things. The company rewards this with bonuses and incentives.

The Wilmot team members attend regular training and are encouraged to continue to improve their skills. This culture has a fantastic impact on individuals all collectively improving and also having fun while doing it.

Wilmot Staff annually attend training and trade shows to improve techniques and learn about new products. This helps our staff continue to grow as valued members of our team and also growing in a positive way in life. Wilmot pipelining are now exhibiting their fantastic Trenchless accomplishments at industry exhibition’s and staying in touch with new Technologies to deliver NO-DIG Pipe rehabilitation solutions to clients as effectively as possible.

The Wilmot Team have become an industry player in the Trenchless pipe relining industry in Australia over the past fifteen years which has been a rewarding but very challenging journey. This challenge could not have been possible without the support of our wonderful staff and their families.

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