Blocked Drains

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Blocked Drain

Have you noticed your bath, shower, sink or toilet draining slowly? If the answer is yes, you probably have a blocked drain. Localised blockages inside the home can be an indication of a bigger problem, damage to your main sewer line! Blocked sewer lines affect every drain in your home, which is why they can be expensive to repair.

When it rains, have you noticed that water takes longer than normal to drain away or doesn’t drain at all? If this is the case, you probably have a blocked storm water drain. Blocked storm water drains can result in water damage to not only your property, but to your neighbour’s property too.

The good news is, Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining offer a NO-DIG pipe repair solution for your blocked drain issues. This technique, called pipe relining, avoids the hassle of digging trenches on your property by relining the existing pipes, complete with a 25-year warranty.

Signs of a blocked drain:

  • Slow draining sink, bath, shower or toilet
  • Toilet water level higher or lower than normal
  • Bubbling and or gurgling sound when flushing toilet
  • Foreign objects in the toilet
  • Bad smell in the house
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