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The Wilmot Team are one of the leaders in Pipe Relining (Pipe rehabilitation) across Australia. The team have the expertise with over 20 years experience in the Trenchless industry to deliver large scale pipeline rehabilitation projects across the country with a team dedicated to the delivery of pipe relining projects no matter how difficult the challenge.

Wilmot Pipelining are industry leaders in culvert and infrastructure rehabilitation.

Wilmot Pipelining renew failing infrastructure with the following CIP Lining Technologies.

Wilmot Pipelining are specialists in No-Dig Pipe Relining. Having acquired invaluable knowledge and experience from performing large-scale and complex civil trenchless pipe relining for councils. This knowledge and experience has allowed Wilmot Pipelining to refine No-Dig Pipe Relining techniques and become specialists in the field of industrial pipe relining. For all No-Dig Pipe Relining jobs call the Pipe relining experts at Wilmot Pipelining today 1300 942 028.

Waste Water Infrastructure Management
Waste Water Infrastructure Management
Pipe Relining - Before
Pipe Relining - Before
Pipe Relining - After
Pipe Relining - After

A lifelong passion for trenchless technology and a desire to provide trenchless NO-DIG solutions to customers has made Wilmot Pipelining an industry leader in infratructure and pipeline rehabilitation.

Wilmot Pipelining have a CIP Lining solution for all applications. These applications include, Waste Water, Storm water & sewer, Potable water, utilities, industrial refineries and complete drainage rehabilitation Solutions custom designed for specific pipeline and infrastructure projects.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Trenchless Pipe Relining construction and management, call Wilmot Pipelining on 1300 942 028

Slip Lining

Wilmot Pipeling utilise Slip Lining techniques to rehabilitate both Waste Water Infrastucture and Culverts for pipe sizes from DN1500 to DN5000.

UV Lining

The Installation of the UV Lining system is carried out with two points of access for the UV LINER Equipment. The UV LINER tube is constructed of fibre glass and polyester resin pre impregnated in the factory delivered to site and installed and cured by UV Light Train Technology. The UV Liner comes with an 80-Year warranty on Liner performance. Used on all wastewater infrastructure.

Once the pipeline is cleared and CCTV is carried out to measure the new UV LINER to be installed a winch is sent through the pipeline and attached to the new UV LINER at a Manhole access point. The UV LINER is then pulled into place and end caps are installed at either end of the new liner. The UV LINER is then inflated by compressed air and pushed out to the host pipe. The UV Light train is then inserted at one end of the pipeline and slowly dragged through the pipeline with the UV Lights curing the liner as the light train passes through the pipeline. The UV Liner provides a fully structural CIP solution with increased flow rates and pipelines restored.

Spiral Wound Lining

Wilmot Pipeling utilise Spiral Wound Lining techniques to rehabilitate both Waste Water infrastucture and Culverts for pipe sizes DN150 to DN1500.

Point Lining

The installation of the Point Lining system is ideal for rehabilitation of all size pipelines at localised repair locations or pipelines up to 25 meters long with point liners thickness to be varied as per pipeline condition The POINT LINER is constructed of fibre glass and silicate resin and Comes with a 50-year warranty. Point lining commonly referred to as patching or sealing provides a structural repair in localised locations when either a CIP liner is not required for the entire length of a pipeline or when at source sealing or repairing is the more cost effective or practical requirement to a particular pipeline.

Lateral Sealing

The lateral seal system is for sealing of junctions and connects to main lines. This Liner gives the asset owner the peace of mind that the whole system is sealed from infiltration, debris and tree root invasion.

Coating Systems

The coatings, or mortar repair system is an ideal alternative solution for upgrading pits, manholes, head walls and any existing infrastructure that would cause issues to remove.

The Coatings used by Wilmot Pipelining are of the highest quality, with high strength lightweight applications for surfaces treated prior to application for high quality finishes.

The coating mortar repair system completely rehabilitates the existing structure in-situ with completely non-destructive restoration.

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