Finding the Right Plumber in Newcastle

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Finding the Right Plumber in Newcastle

A lot of plumbing companies will be willing to help you, but the critical thing to consider is which one is right for you? You need more than a glorified amateur guy who claims to be experienced. With plumbers, as with any tradesman, finding honest, reliable, fast-working plumbers in Newcastle to getting the job done on time and to suit your budget.


Check Experience

How much experience does the plumber have? Has the plumber dealt with the kind of issue you have previously and have the skill to analyze and fix the problem? If you’ve got two plumbers in mind; one that is cheap but doesn’t have a lot of experience in the problem you have and one that will cost you a little bit more but has vast experience working on this specific problem, it is best to choose the second option. Selecting the first may save you money on the spot but could potentially end up being more expensive when you need to call someone in to fix it up should there be any further issues.


Official Tradesman 

Plumbers in Newcastle should be registered with a scheme that is specifically for tradesmen that have been vetted and shown they have the skills necessary for the job. Their websites often have searchable databases which can be reviewed.


Insurance and Guarantees

Plumbers should be fully insured as plumbing work in and around your home can be high risk. It’s always a good idea to check with your plumber if they offer guarantees on any plumbing work, installations they do for you. Especially if something goes wrong!


Online Reviews

The best way to find a reliable plumber is to research! Whether it be asking for references from friends and family to looking at reviews on the business. Keep in mind that negative reviews are inevitable and worth the read. Look across different platforms such as Google My Business or their social media to help you get a good idea of their level of reliability.


Get A Few Quotes

Even if you already have an established and reliable plumber, it’s always good to keep them on their toes. Get more quotes from other plumbers in Newcastle that are broken down into call out charge/labour/material costs. Also, check hourly rates for future reference.


Ask for References

Get straight to the point and don’t be shy about asking plumbers for references from their previous customers and to then check them out. You never know they might even have photos available or there might be photos on their websites too. By seeking information directly from other customers, you can learn directly about the ups and downs of working with an individual plumber. Check out their social media pages and websites to give you a good idea of peoples opinions of the company.


By following these steps and doing your research, you should be well on your way to a smooth, hassle-free plumbing job. And remember to repay their hard work with good reviews on the trade websites. Not only will it greatly help them, but it only strengthens your relationship if they know their hard work is being appreciated. Now they’ll be determined to do an even better job the second time around should you ever need them again!


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