How Pipelining Benefits You

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How Pipelining Benefits You

Pipelining is basically the act of repairing pipe lines on your property.

It’s often done to upgrade an old or worn out pipe system that already exists, as well as to make repairs anytime they’re needed.

Here at Wilmot Pipelining, we are experts at this and specialise in no dig technology that allow us to rehab pipes both quickly and efficiently.

There are many benefits to pipelining so keep reading to find out why it’s such a good choice for you.

Durable Design

Our pipelining services are designed to last for many years and withstand heavy use on your property.

The purpose of the service is to line your pipes without having to dig up your garden and the liner that is used is sturdy and provides a long lasting seal that allows you to use the pipes for many more years. 

Very Little Digging

While this is called no dig technology, there may still need to be a bit of digging.

Generally, a hole must be dug near the entrance to the pipe being repaired.

The liner is then moved through the ground and inserted into the opening of the pipe and then sealed in place.

However, compared to traditional methods of plumbing, this method keeps us from having to dig up a large portion of your garden and keeps most of your grass and landscaping intact and where it belongs. 

Repairs for Several Reasons

There are many reasons why your pipes may be damaged.

Perhaps they are old and have simply started to wear out, causing leaks and holes.

Maybe you have a tree with roots that are pressing on and damaging your pipes.

Whatever the reason, our liners help seal and repair most of these issues and can completely rehab pipes, both old and new.

The design of the seals means a tight bond that effectively corrects the issue.


One of the biggest perks of trenchless plumbing like ours is that it can cost much less.

Because there’s no need to tear up concrete walkways or large areas of land, there isn’t as much cost involved with putting things back in order when the job is done.

The technology keeps getting better and just makes sense in so many ways, financially being one of them. 

If you want to consider pipelining for your property or you have a construction project, call Wilmot Pipelining to find out more. 

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