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Whether your existing toilet is faulty, or you need a new toilet installed, Wilmot Pipelining provide professional and reliable service. Wilmot Pipelining is a family owned and operated company, meaning we offer cost effective solutions for all your toilet plumbing issues.

Blocked toilet

Blocked toilets are messy and can quickly turn into a headache for home owners. Locating the source of the blockage requires professional help. This is because most blockages occur in part of the toilet called the trap. As soon as you notice that your toilet is blocked, call your local Newcastle Plumbers at Wilmot Pipelining.

Toilet repairs

Is your toilet not flushing effectively? If so, it could be caused by an inlet valve problem, broken k valve washer seal, build-up of lime deposits in the rinse holes or around the mounting nut, or loose handle.

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Leaking toilets

Signs of a possible leaking toilet include water leaking onto the floor and a sewer odour. Left unfixed, leaking water can cause significant damage to your property. If small leaks are trapped under the toilet, floor surfaces and even frame work will eventually rot. If you suspect your toilet is leaking, then it’s important to act quickly and get the experts from Wilmot Pipelining to fix the problem.

Toilet Installations

To improve performance and save water, it’s a good idea to upgrade your toilet to a new design every so often. For expert advice and toilet installations of the latest designs and technology, call Wilmot Pipelining.

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