A Blocked Drain Pipe that has been Removed

Residential plumbing is a highly specialised field. For peace of mind, homeowners should only trust plumbers with excellent knowledge and a proven track record.

Picture this scenario. You notice that your toilet is draining slowly and a foul smell coming from one of the external pipes situated alongside your house. To your horror, you see sewage rising-up from the external pipe located in the ground next to your house.

With quick action, the above situation can be fixed before it costs you valuable time and money, and turns into a major headache.

If your sewer pipe is damaged and in need of repair, but located under a concrete path, fence or beautifully landscaped garden, Wilmot Pipelining offer a hassle-free no-dig pipe relining solution.

Using the latest technology damaged pipes can be located and repaired without digging a trench. This method is known as CIPP cured in place pipe. We use high-pressure water jetters to clear blockages and CCTV to locate the source of the problem. This technique not only avoids mess and inconvenience but also saves time and money.

The three stage No-Dig Pipe Relining process:

Step 1: clear debris from your drains and locate any pipe damage using CCTV

Step 2: CCTV is used to position the pipe relining equipment in the correct location inside the existing pipe

Step 3: The pipe relining equipment is removed, forming a brand-new pipe inside the existing pipe

A Broken Pipe After Pipe Relining
A Broken Pipe Before Pipe Relining

Large cracks to pipe circumference

Wilmot Plumbing

New relined pipe

Wilmot Pipelining are specialists in Residential No-Dig Pipe Relining, having acquired invaluable knowledge and experience from performing large-scale and complex civil trenchless pipe relining for councils. This knowledge and experience has allowed Wilmot Pipelining to refine No-Dig Pipe Relining techniques and become specialists in the field of residential pipe relining. For all residential No-Dig Pipe Relining jobs call the local Newcastle Plumbing experts at Wilmot Pipelining today 1300 942 028. We service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, The Central Coast and Northern Areas of Sydney.

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