Point Liner

Rehabilitation of all size pipelines

The installation of the Point Lining system is ideal for rehabilitation of all size pipelines at localised repair locations or pipelines up to 25 meters long with point liners thickness to be varied as per pipeline condition The POINT LINER is constructed of fibre glass and silicate resin and comes with a 50-year warranty. Point lining commonly referred to as patching or sealing provides a structural repair in localised locations when either a CIP liner is not required for the entire length of a pipeline or when at source sealing or repairing is the more cost effective or practical requirement to a particular pipeline.

Cost Effective

The advantage to the point line repair or patching & sealing system is that fact that a specific defect location can be repaired structurally without the need to repair the entire length of a pipeline. The at source repair is ideal for defects in pipelines such as displacements and fractures and cracking or broken missing sections.

Sealing of Infiltration

Point Lining or sealing is a very effective pipe repair method for sealing leaking and failing joints and gaining structural integrity to defect locations.

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