Pressure Pipe Liner


Primus Line® provides loss-free and secure conveyance of potable water as well as contaminated or polluted liquids. The composite liner protects the inside of the old pipe against corrosion and abrasive particles situated in the transported media. Primus Line® is suitable for the transport of the following liquids in the water sector:

  • Potable water,
  • Oil,
  • Gas.

For drinking water applications, the liner is based on polyethylene (PE), while for its use in the oil and gas industry thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is the preferred solution, because of the often-higher requirements concerning chemical resistance. Due to its composition of multiple layers and a low wall thickness, the Primus Liner unites both flexibility and ultra-high material strength.

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Pressure Pipe Liner
Pressure Pipe Liner
Pressure Pipe Liner
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