PU Inversion Liner

The installation of the PU INVERSION LINER can be carried out if only one point of access to the pipeline is available, cured by either steam or hot water. The PU INVERSION LINER is constructed with fibre glass/ felt impregnated with either epoxy resin or polyester depending on site discharge requirements. The PU INVERSION LINER comes with a 50-year warranty on liner performance.

A Newly Relined Pipe on a Worksite by Wilmot Plumbing

Quick Installation Process

The PU Inversion Liner can be either pulled into place or inverted and cured with either Hot Water or steam. The inversion liner is installed and cured on the same day with liners installed and pipelines up and running within hours. The speed at which the PU inversion liner is installed benefits both the asset owner and the installation team with minimal disturbance to the public and shorter periods spent on the field.

Flow Rate Increased

Once the PU Inversion liner is installed the pipeline will gain an increase in the flow rate due to the new liners smooth inside finish and fact that the new liner is continuous the pipelines joints and defects have now been removed helping in most situations with flow rates.

Structural Integrity

The PU Inversion liners have had stringent structural testing carried out by the manufacturer to provide our clients with the restoration of structural integrity to the damaged pipeline. These tests have been carried out to determine the liners performance over a 50-year period. The result of the liner calculation is a liner installed as per the damaged pipelines structural requirements with full structural integrity restored to the pipeline.

Cost Savings

The installation of the PU Inversion liner is much more cost effective than traditional sewer repairs and upgrades due to the cost savings in relation to large scale excavations and restoration of buildings and structures. With the PU Inversion liners installed with minimal damage and impact on the public the savings are to the client are massive.

Reducing Infiltration

The installation of a CIPP Liner reduces if not eliminates the amount of groundwater entering into a sewer during rain events with the continues liner creating a water tight seal. This also reduces infiltration and eliminates leaks caused by tree roots and defects that also cause blockages. The CIPP liner contains the flow within the pipeline discharging the effluent to the sewer main pipeline without further any further impact on the environment once the new liner is installed.

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