UV Liner

The Installation of the UV Lining system is carried out with two points of access for the UV LINER Equipment. The UV LINER tube is constructed of fiberglass and polyester resin pre impregnated in the factory delivered to site and installed and cured by UV Light Train Technology. The UV Liner comes with an 80-Year warranty on liner performance. Used on all wastewater infrastructure.

Once the pipeline is cleared and CCTV is carried out to measure the new UV LINER to be installed a winch is sent through the pipeline and attached to the new UV LINER at a Manhole access point. The UV LINER is then pulled into place and end caps are installed at either end of the new liner. The UV LINER is then inflated by compressed air and pushed out to the host pipe. The UV Light train is then inserted at one end of the pipeline and slowly dragged through the pipeline with the UV Lights curing the liner as the light train passes through the pipeline. The UV Liner provides a fully structural CIP solution with increased flow rates and pipelines restored.

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Minimal Disruption to Public

With the UV Liner pulled into place and the liner was cured within hours. The liners installation process has minimal impact on the public and infrastructure. The UV liners installation process is also eco friendly with no waste discharges or mess during or after the team has carried out the installation.

Cutting Edge Technology

The installation of UV Liners by the team at Wilmot Pipelining showcases the team’s capabilities throughout the Pipeline rehabilitation industry with one of the latest pipeline technologies being used in UV lining Technology. The UV Liners installed by Wilmot come with an 80-year warranty due to its fibreglass tube technology, making it one of the strongest liners available. The Manufacturer have developed a UV liner that has very strong resistance to abrasion and a very high chemical resistance. UV Liners are designed for specific site requirements with liner design thickness and properties calculated during the design phase.

Speed of Installation

Although the UV Liner’s Manufacturing Process is complex the installation process is easy and fast with liners installed and cured to upgrade pipelines in a matter of hours with minimal impact on surroundings.

UV Light and CCTV Pipe Robot Investigating a Confined Space

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