Storm Water Pipe Reline June 2019 – DN600 Historical Brick stormwater pipe reline located in Newcastle CBD.

Wilmot Pipelining recently Delivered the reline of an historic brick pipeline under Newcastle’s CBD. The existing brick storm water pipeline was in dire need of rehabilitation due to bricks being dislodged and compromising structures above.

The team showcased its ability to reline once again in difficult access locations. With minimal access to the brick pipeline and multiple utility services obstructing access the team at Wilmot by passed a sewer main running through the only access point at the upstream pit and lined the historical pipeline with a structural fibre glass cured in place liner.

A Challenging rehabilitation project but the team delivered on time and within budget for Newcastle City Council.

DN375 Storm Water Pipe Relining, Hunter NSW, May 2018

Wilmot Pipelining recently rehabilitated a failing 375mm storm water pipeline 60 meters in total liner installed with the liner cured in place with hot water. This pipeline reached depths of up to seven meters in some locations so to upgrade without digging the entire length of the line saved large excavation and site restoration costs.

The CIP Liner was installed with only the one point of access the pipeline now has a 50 year service warranty on the CIP Liner.

A Pipe Relining In Progress on a Worksite

AGL Energy NSW, November 2019 Infrastructure Relining


The team recently Relined Critical Infrastructure for AGL Energy NSW installing CIP UV Liners to rehabilitate failing pipelines throughout the AGL power plant facility

DN150 Sewer Reline, November 2018, Newcastle CBD

The team delivered a tricky reline on a live reticulation sewer main with a combination of by-passing and plug and release methods to install liners to the sewer main which was blocking up regularly due to the old cast iron pipeline failing with large corrosive deposits. The team used the robotic crawler cutting technology to grind and cut out the intrusions and clean the line in preparation for the relining.

The lines installed by Wilmot Pipelining have eliminated the constant blockages with a fully functional sewer main

DN1200 Storm water Reline, Maitland NSW

The team delivered one of the most challenging relines of a twin cell 1200mm storm water asset in Maitland in September and November 2015. The Wilmot Team broke boundaries with a daring 1200mm reline of aluminium culverts that had been identified as structurally compromised in a roundabout construction in Maitland.

The Wilmot team traversed the 1200mm culverts up to 110 meters to install the 80 meters of liners to strengthen the pipelines for the construction of the roundabouts above. The team delivered the structural reline on time and within budget. Safety was the number one priority as always and the confined space entry crew delivered big time.

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